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Please note that colours of Supercover cosmetics can vary in hue, light, dark etc from one dye batch to another across the whole range due to manufacturing tolerances.
By way of explanation a product which you may have purchased before may not be exactly the same on your next order if the dye batch numbers are different, this is a natural
phenomenon in manufacturing process and not a fault of any cosmetic product.

In all cases where possible please order a sample and try the colour in natural day light before you make a purchase.

Colours displayed on the web site, leaflets, brochures etc are representative only and must never be relied upon as true colours. You cannot replicate cosmetics which are liquid, cream or powder in it's true form on a computer screen etc.
Cosmetics should be tested on the skin and allow for any body heat and other changes then checked in a mirror in natural day light only.

The new HD Foundation range is available in 20 colours, the formulation, ingredients and colours are different to our original Foundation, therefore please order and test a sample colour first before making your purchase.

The new HD Foundations are the same Foundation colour numbers only as a guide line.

NET WEIGHT: net weight of all Supercover cosmetic products declared in grams and ounces etc are in accordance to manufacturing + and - tolerances.

We regret we cannot accept returns for exchange or refunds on any product that has been contaminated with finger marks or used in any way or form due to hygiene reasons.

For best results please observe the correct application techniques. Supercover is a water activated Foundation therefore it should never be applied with fingers? please click on: Correct Application Health & Safety tab. for more information.

We would also recommend using the Supercover stainless steel spatula/palette to prevent bacteria growth in your Foundation and other cream or liquid cosmetics. practice hygiene, to protect your skin and health.

Use only clean makeup sponges, brushes, makeup applicators to protect your skin from infection. Continuous use of dirty applicators, fingers in and out of makeup pots will contaminate the products with germs & bacteria, this can cause adverse affects to your skin.

Please store all your cosmetics in a cool place away from children, direct heat and sunlight.

To prevent oxidisation to cosmetics close lid tightly immediately after use and away from extreme light source.

Please note: Many of our cream based products such as Supercover HD Foundations, Corrector, Fashion and Lipstick Wheels have the tendency to sweat or perspire leaving some soft round patches and or indentation marks on the surface.
Please note this is perfectly normal and will not effect the durability or the performance of the make-up.

please call 01273 878 100 or email: with any help or advise.