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Dark - Orange to Red Tones
Fair - Beige to Tan Tones
Fair to Medium - Beige to Yellow Tones
Light - Ivory to Pink Tones
Light to Medium - Pale Yellow Tones
Medium - Yellow to Gold Tones
Medium to Dark - Gold to Olive Tones
Tanned - Dark Tan Tones
BLINCE   Blinc Eyeliner
B-BLAC04   Blinc Eyeliner - Sample Size in Black
B-LASH02   Blinc Grand Lash Primer
BLINCM   Blinc Mascara
B-BLAC02   Blinc Mascara - Sample Size in Black
D-GOLD05   Cosmetic Pencil Liners - Gold Glitter / Clearance scratched
S-05FA01   Fashion Wheel (New) HD ( Clearance )
Powder - Samples   Fine Setting Powders - Samples
Foundations-Samples   Foundations - Samples
Lipsticks - Bridal Tones   HD Lipsticks - Bridal Tones
Lipsticks - Fashion Tones   HD Lipsticks - Fashion Tones
Lipsticks - Glamour Tones   HD Lipsticks - Glamour Tones
Lipsticks - Natural Tones   HD Lipsticks - Natural Tones
Lipsticks - Samples   HD Lipsticks - Samples
L-CURL01   Lashcurl - Heated Eye Lash Curler
Lasting-Lips   Lasting Lips
L-VANI01   Make-up Artist Clear Bag
S-artists   Make-up Artists Discount Scheme
HD-20FullPal   New Supercover HD 20 Foundation Palette (17g)
S-BRUSSet11   New Supercover HD Professional 11 Brush Set with Pouch
HD-20Pal   New Ultimate HD 20 Foundation & Corrector Wheel Palette (9gm)
S-KEN   Newham College Make-up Kit
Correctors 0.25oz   Original Supercover HD Correctors 9g e
S-40S   Professional Size Foundation (0.25 oz) No. 607/40
S-ST1500   Salon Display Unit With Stock Retail Items
S-ST600   Salon Display Unit With Testers
S-ST1800   Salon Unit With Retail Items & Make-up Course
S-BRUS03   Supercover 12 Brush Empty Pouch
S-BRUS04   Supercover 13 Brush Empty Pouch
S-ASIA01   Supercover 16 Colour Foundation Palette - Asian Skin Tones ( Clearance )
S-BLAC02   Supercover 16 Colour Foundation Palette - Black Skin Tones ( Clearance )
S-UNIV01   Supercover 24 Colour Foundation Palette - Universal
S-BROW07   Supercover Brush - HD BBC (Black Handle)
S-ANGL02   Supercover HD Angle Blusher Brush
S-EYEB02   Supercover HD Blusher Brush
S-BRUS02   Supercover HD Brush Cleaner (150ml)
S-EYEL01   Supercover HD Cake Eyeliner Sealant
S-DOME01   Supercover HD Dome Powder Brush
S-EYEL02   Supercover HD Eye Line Smudger Brush
S-FANM01   Supercover HD Fan Mascara Brush
S-FILB04   Supercover HD Foundation/ Filbert No. 22 Brush
S-FILB05   Supercover HD Foundation/ Filbert No. 30 Brush
S-HYDR01   Supercover HD Hydrator Spray 125ml / Clearance
S-PINKEYE   Supercover HD Mineral Eye Shadows - Pink Rose
Make-up_Artist_Kit   Supercover HD Professional Make-up Artist Kit
Student-Kit   Supercover HD Professional Students Make-up Kit
S-EYEL04   Supercover HD Sable Angle Eye Liner Brush
S-ANGL01   Supercover HD Sable Angle No. 4 Brush
S-EYED01   Supercover HD Sable Eye Definer Brush
S-EYEL03   Supercover HD Sable Eye Liner No.2 Brush
S-FILB02   Supercover HD Sable Filbert No. 10 Brush
S-FILB03   Supercover HD Sable Filbert No. 18 Brush
S-FILB01   Supercover HD Sable Filbert No. 6 Brush
S-FLAT01   Supercover HD Sable Flat No. 4 Brush
S-EYEB01   Supercover HD Sable Large Eye Blender Brush
S-01LW01   Supercover Lipstick Wheel No.1 ( Clearance )
S-M1   Supercover Make-up Set Offer 1
S-M2   Supercover Make-up Set Offer 2
S-COUR01   Supercover Makeup Course Fee
Blushers-Samp   Supercover Mineral Eye Shadow / Blusher Samples
Blushers   Supercover Mineral Eye Shadow /Blusher
Eyeshadows   Supercover Mineral Eye Shadow /Blusher
S-GOLD03   Supercover Mineral Eyeshadow / Blusher - Gold
HD-FouS   Supercover New Ultimate HD Foundation Samples
HD-Fou   Supercover New Ultimate HD Foundation/ CLEARANCE.
S-MAKE03   Supercover Non-Latex Make-up Sponge (4 Pcs Pre Cut)
S-MAKE04   Supercover Non-Latex Make-up Sponge (6 Pcs Pre Cut)
S-WHIT02   Supercover Powder - White Sheen 30g /clearance scratched label.
S-BRUSSet   Supercover Professional 12 Brush Set with Pouch
S-BRUSSet13   Supercover Professional 13 Brush Set with Pouch
S-POWD03   Supercover Professional size, Powder Puff
S-FANO01   Supercover Sable Eyeshadow Overlay Brush
S-SNOW01   Supercover Shimmer Dust - Snow Drift
S-STAI03   Supercover Stainless Steel Spatula & Palette ( Imperfect )
Spatula_Pallet   Supercover Stainless Steel Spatula & Palette ( Imperfect )
S-Shim   Supercover Ultimate HD 100% Mineral Shimmer Dust Palette
S-CONT1   Supercover Ultimate HD Corrective, Camouflage & Contouring Kit
S-CORR01   Supercover Ultimate HD Corrector Wheel / Clearance
s-prim   Supercover Ultimate HD Eye & Lip Primer / Clearance with free sponge tip applicator.
S-Gelliner   Supercover Ultimate HD Eye Gel Liner
S-ultSam   Supercover Ultimate HD Face Primer - Sample
S-Gly   Supercover Ultimate HD Make-up Remover ( 200ml )
ShimmerD-Samp   Supercover Ultimate HD Mineral Shimmer Dust Samples
Shimmer Dust   Supercover Ultimate HD Mineral Shimmer Dusts
s-ultprim   Supercover Ultimate HD- Face Primer 50ml. / Clearance
Powders   Supercover Ultralucent Fine HD Setting Powders
S-OMNI   Supercover, OMNI College Make-up Kit
S-FAIR01   Supercpver 16 Colour Foundation Palette - Fair Skin Tones ( Clearance )
S-Tot   Total Hair & Beauty Training Academy Make-up Kit
S-BROW05   Ultimate HD Brow Definer powder, with Free Angle Brush
Pencils   Waterproof Cosmetic Lip & Eye Liners / clearance

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