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Correct Application

Are you applying your Supercover Ultimate HD Foundation Correctly?
1. Prepare the skin by cleansing, toning & moisturising if you have dry skin. Try our Ultimate HD Face Primer (found under the home tab) which is a perfect base primer for even make-up base application. The face primer is non greasy and helps to fill in lines, wrinkles and large pores.

2. For hygiene reasons we would recommend the use of the Supercover Stainless Steel Spatula & Palette (found under the application accessories tab). By using the Supercover stainless steel spatula & palette not only for good hygiene practice but also to prevent bacteria build up in containers.

3. Take the Supercover Hydrator Spray and spray 1-2 times on your clean make-up sponge or clean foundation brush and glide your sponge across the foundation and apply to your face and blend in to your skin. To cover any skin discolouration try patting or stippling the makeup sponge to the centre of the discoloured area with softer taps around the edges for a nice feathered and well blended finish. Always apply makeup in the direction of any fine facial hair growth, this will help to diminish the effects of fine facial hair.

4. To allow the make-up to last up to 14 hours depending on weather and humidity, set the foundation only with Supercover Ultralucent Fine HD Setting Powder using a Supercover professional size powder puff (found under application accessories). Do not use brush to set the powder.

5. The canvas is now set after you have removed any excess powder with a Supercover Dome Brush (found under accessories/ brushes tab) ready to apply other make-up such as eye shadows, lipstick, blusher, etc.

Supercover Ultimate HD Foundations are a water activated mineral to cream based foundation therefore it should never be applied with fingers.

How to conceal major skin discolouration: To cover major skin discolourations such as redness or ruddy skin use no.16 red neutraliser (found under correctors tab). To cover pigmentation or under eye shadows use no. 25 blue neutraliser (found under correctors tab). Apply one or both of these concealers/ correctors with a Supercover Flibert no.10 Brush (found under accessories/brushes) then pat or stipple the foundation over the top of the concealers/correctors and blend then set the make- up with powder. All concealers are also normal foundations for everyday use except for lavender veil, for further information on how to use the lavender veil and other colour correctives see the correctors tab and look at the corrector wheel.

Please note: Many of our cream based products such as Supercover HD Foundations, Corrector, Fashion and Lipstick Wheels have the tendency to sweat or perspire leaving some soft round patches and or indentation marks on the surface. Please note this is perfectly normal and will not effect the durability or the performance of the make-up. Please store all cosmetics in a cool place away from direct heat and sunlight, close lids tightly after each use.

Health & Safety

Makeup / Cosmetic Products do not last for ever?

Always use makeup within the time scale, shelf life and expiry date. Particularly with mascara irrespective of how much you have paid, throw out all your cosmetics, that smells funny, has changed in texture, has bacteria growth, past date.

Irrespective of shelf life, preservatives used in manufacturing process to safeguard the products. If a makeup product is continually abused with lack of hygiene practices bacteria grows & magnify's in the container over a period, this may cause some adverse effects to your skin.

ADVISE: Clean and sanitise your hands regularly, Use the Supercover Stainless steel spatula and palette, Use clean makeup sponges, clean sanitised brushes or other clean application tools. Do not share your makeup with friends or sisters, Do not continually go in and out of containers. Do not contaminate the primary makeup containers with finger marks etc.

Keep all cosmetics in a cool place away from children, babies, direct sunlight and heat. Do not apply your makeup with fingers, dirty applicators or dirty uncleaned brushes. Do not apply makeup to your skin if you have some medical condition ask your Doctor first for advise.

The above may sound a bit harsh, but remember Zaf Ansari the founder of Supercover is one of the country's leading educator and lecturer on the perils of cross contamination in the makeup and cosmetology industry.

If you are concerned about the suitability of any cosmetic products due to the sensitivity level or any medical conditions about your skin then we would advise that you may wish to purchase a sample and test the products up to 24 hours on your skin before making a purchase. If you experience any adverse reacts with any cosmetic products the first step is to remove the product instantly from your skin with a mild cleanser or any other cleansing method which you have been using. If any redness appears or itchiness, use a cold compress which will help to cool down the skin.

Remember there is no such thing as a total full proof or hypoallergenic or non comodogenic, these simply means less. These days people are prone and subjected to so many different allergens and pollution therefore it is not unusual to experience allergies from natural ingredients. There are people whom will have a health issue with food that may contain peanuts, etc.

Please note: Products purchased from Supercover's website and official Supercover stockists are genuine Supercover brand. Products bought elsewhere are not guaranteed by us and may not be genuine, they may even be out of date or fakes.

If you would like to discuss your individual concern or require any further information please contact us on 01273 878 100 or email
. We would be delighted to help and guide you in any way that we can as part of our excellent customer service.