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Read our product and information articles here. These are regularly updated with more and more information regarding our products so check back frequently to see the latest articles.

Our registered company is called Beauty Republica Limited based in East Sussex. Our cosmetic brand name is Supercover Professional Make-up and it is a registered trade mark. We can be contacted on 01273 878 100 or email

Our latest addition to our comprehensive colour cosmetic range is the
Supercover Ultimate New MUA Corrector Wheel.

Please email with your questions, we shall then constantly update them below for the benefits of other customers.

Information Pages
Information Pages
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Understanding Eyelashes
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Information Pages
Some of your important Frequently asked questions regarding our Original and New HD Supercover Foundations:

** IS IT TESTED ON ANIMALS : NO, our raw material used are not tested on animals, the products are animal friendly.

** IS PARABENS OR CHEMICALS USED: NO, it does not contain parabens or any ingredients that could be harmful to the skin.

** IS IT STILL WATERPROOF WITHOUT USING THE POWDER. YES, the Foundations were tested and still repelled water, however, without the use of the Supercover Ultra-lucent setting powder, the makeup transfers and comes off. Therefore powder should always be used for best results.

** IS IT SUITABLE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN : Yes, in majority of cases customers have been using the makeup with no adverse affects, however, a patch test is recommended or a sample of the product should be tested for up to 24 hours for any reaction before buying retail size.

** IS IT 100% MINERAL MAKEUP : NO, Both range of our Foundations contain many minerals together with botanicals and other beneficial ingredients.

** IS IT GOOD FOR ACNE PRONE SKIN : YES, the products are safe to use as there are no ingredients that may harm the skin. However, it should not be used on any open lesion of skin.

** SHOULD THE SPATULA & PALETTE BE USED: YES, to prevent bacteria growth in your containers the makeup pots should never be contaminated. Therefore, using the Supercover stainless steel spatula & palette will safeguard your skin, health and prevent germs and bacteria.

** CAN THE MAKEUP BE USED PAST IT'S SHELF LIFE : NO, it is not safe to use any cosmetic products past it's shelf life or expiry date.

** WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO STORE FOUNDATIONS : All cosmetic products should be protected from high temperatures, direct contact with the sun and other heat sources. The lids should be closed tightly and stored in dark places.
NEW HD FOUNDATIONS 20 to 30 degrees celsius.

** WHY IS THERE WATER OR WATER LIKE MARKS OR TINY HOLES ON THE SURFACE: The Foundations are hot filled, therefore when they cool down it leaves tiny surface hole marks. The perspiration or water like marks are due to hotter weather conditions or in transportation after leaving our air conditioned warehouse where they have been stored with the correct temperatures. In both cases it does not affect the wearing durability of the makeup in any way.

** WHY IS IT CALLED A WATER ACTIVATED FOUNDATION : The Supercover formulation is very unique and versatile for many different application as it is also used as a para-medical makeup, stage, film TV production etc. therefore, when a makeup sponge or a Foundation brush is dampened with the Supercover hydrator spray, the Foundation is then activated. By activating all the pigments in the makeup allows the Foundation to be applied to the skin very thin like a liquid. The Hydrator spray is also used to set the makeup after powdering the skin for a dewy appearance.

** WHAT IS HD MAKEUP : High Definition makeup needs to meet certain criteria in terms of performance, and controlled light reflection in front of a HD digital camera as well as photographic studio lighting. Most of Supercover products now have a HD label another words ( camera ready ).

IS THE MAKEUP GOOD FOR EVERYDAY USE : YES, whilst many Foundations may harm the skin, Supercover is good for your skin as both range contain Titanium Dioxide which protects the skin from both UVA and UVB. Minerals and botanicals used is Supercover foundations are also beneficial to the skin.

IS IT GOOD FOR BRIDES & MEN : YES, Both range is now HD therefore brides will look stunning in High definition. The Foundation also covers a man's 5 O clock shadow therefore men can also wear Supercover and look natural.

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