Supercover Professional HD Make-up Reviews


Dear Supercover,

Just a quick message to say I've found all Supercover products to surpass any other potential rival products. By miles. The efficiency and quality is excellent!

Warmest regards

I have been working with Supercover products for over 10 years now and I feel no matter what lighting or venue the makeup just looks so flawless and natural. The skin takes on a new life of its own and the makeup complements any occasion. The products are of the highest quality and very reasonable to add to ones kit individually or as a whole. A little goes a long way with the guarantee that it will wow each and every time. I can't thank Zaf and Najma enough for producing such a superior and unique makeup brand that never fails to impress and gives my work that extra Special touch!! I have so much more confidence knowing that with Supercover every application will be its ultimate best. Thank you guys. Love you both, I hope to work with Supercover forever!
Suki MUA, Watford, Hertfordshire -

Vandita Ahuja
I'm a makeup artist in New Delhi,India and have been using your foundation since almost 8 years now and I can swear that there is no better product out there across the globe.I need your help with choosing the correct shades.I have shade no 16 in the Ultimate foundation range but I'm looking to change into a lighter and a more yellow shade.This color that I have I mix with shade 36 and a bit of a yellow concealer.If I can figure out two shades that are a bit lighter and brighter than 16,my life would be sorted.Please advise me the perfect colors for fair to medium indian skintones.
Vandita Ahuja

I have been using Supercover for the last 3 years and I only believe in working with non-animal tested products. I first heard about this brand through a friend she did my makeup and I fell in love! Amazing stuff, nothing compares to it at all.

Naomi Chapman, Cambridge

I came across Supercvoer when I was searching for a makeup that would provide me great coverage as I suffer from acne scarring and this makeup did just that. I have used other make up brands throughout my career but can say that Supercover stands out from these.

Shahista Soge, Blackburn

My encounter with this special brand came through my tutor demonstrate the bridal HD looks on the model. I was mesmerised by the transformation of the models skin from dull and dreary to glowing and gorgeous! Supercover covered all blemishes and imperfections and highlighted the skin to near perfection and camera ready.

Moni Ahmed, Kent

My tutor was a great promoter of Supercover. I love the brand and have found nothing as good in all my time.

Rachel Lander, Birmingham

I am a makeup enthusiast. I consistently am reading Asian magazines, Bridal ME magazines and articles online to be inspired. I am always learning about good quality products and what works/ what does not first hand from established makeup artists. The Supercover is a brand name surfaced on everyones lips and after a while of research and using the products on clients I have decided to purchase the kit.

Zahira Hassan, Essex

I came cross your brand on social media and my friend gifted me one foundation of your brand which I found to be very good and full coverage. I have found that your products are the best and most versatile makeup available. I am in love with the product I have already. It would be an honour to work exclusively with your brand.

Shahida Akhtar, Goodmayes

I first used Supercover in 2007, and fell in love with the quality of the product. I have always promised myself, when I am ready to start as a freelance artist, I will only use Supercover, I am always promoting you brand as I believe it is perfect and adapts to many skin tones for a flawless look.

Shujana Khan, Ilford

I first heard about Supercover from a friend who is one of your stockist. I have used your corrector wheel and eyebrow pencils for a while but she recently used for face products on my skin and I fell in love with the whole line.

Sophia Salhotra, London

I tested the Supercover foundation on myself before ordering and it was brilliant. As I have acne and I loved it, it covered all my marks and made my skin look flawless not to mention without having to put on loads and without any irritation. That is when I realised it would be great for clients.

Ishrat Ali, Leeds

My makeup artist used these products for my wedding and you could not tell I only had 2 hrs sleep the night before!! I had family over from everywhere and gave up my bed for my aunty and slept on the floor. Thanks to Supercover my pics look great.

Sunny Sadanandan, Plaistow

I did a Bridal course a few years ago and started using Supercover make up for friends and family. I have not found any other foundations that work as well.

Rehana Haider, London

I initially heard about Supercover a few years ago when I discovered your fantastic corrector wheel. However recently my Asian clients have been asking if I would introduce Supercover products instead of Bobbi Brown and MAC.

Kiran Sandhu, Leeds

I have used your foundations and products before and love them, they form a key part of my kit, I saw you at the professional beauty show a few weeks ago at London Excel.

Rumen Sembi, Bucks

I once borrowed a friends Supercover foundation to use as a concealer and fell in love with it straight away, the coverage was amazing and it did not feel heavy on my face at all. Since then I found a stockist near me and purchased the foundation.

Shumaila Hussain, London

My tutor advised me on your products, and I have worked with couple of items and really loved using them. I love the colours and the definition that can be created with them.

Eve Uttley, West Yorkshire

I met a lovely girl at a course and when I saw her pictures of makeup it was amazing and I asked her what she uses and she said Supercover.

Shazia Iqbal, West Midlands

I was initially a photographer. I have always had a passion for Make-up and when I had enquiries if I provide make-up with shoots so I took a course. I do a lot of Bridal bookings as well as studio bookings; I have a studio in North London where I do my photography shoots. I was finding it hard to get good quality make-up at an affordable price and came across Supercover.

Sheuly Begum, London

I heard about Supercover from a friend in Birmingham and a make up artist has used it on me in the past. I really liked the cover of the foundation. I feel it is the best I have seen so far.

Aasha Ruksar, Rotherham

Supercover is a renowned brand in Bradford. The quality of the products is highly regarded within the professional industry.

Shabana Kausor, West Yorkshire

I have been a makeup artist for 7 years and I love my job and love to create different looks for my clients. I feel Supercover helps finish the look off perfectly.

Nirlape Gill, Slough

I first purchased some of your lines including the concealer and fine setting powder; I have been amazed how well they have performed on my clients and lasted.

Patricia Holden, Redditch

I absolutely love the foundation, the coverage is extremely good, and the colour is perfect for my skin tone.

Manicha Soebedar, Netherlands

I heard about Supercover when I did my training to qualify as a make up artist and I have many friends who also use these products in their career. Ever since my training I knew it is the products that will keep my clients satisfied.

Amina Latken, Leicester

My local salon stocks Supercover concealer, and I absolutely loved their coverage, as I am someone that deals with dark pigmentation.

Tahmina Khatun, Essex

I have heard countless reviews by make-up artists to determine what foundation to use for clients and Supercover has been recommended many times, I have yet to come across a negative review or an average review.

Nehreen Azim, London

I learnt about Supercover during my course at regional college in Peterborough when you demonstrated on one of the student and used the corrector wheel. I also bought 2 wheels and moonlight highlight powder, which is super super brilliant.

Nazia Jahangir, Peterborough