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The picture you see above, the model is wearing Supercover HD Foundation, HD Eyeshadows (Copper, Deep Red & Gold), Blusher (Natural), Lipstick (Seduction) and HD Corrector Wheel: Concealer (Blue neutraliser No.25 and Red Neutraliser No.16, Highlighting (No.36) and Shading (No.37)

Supercover Professional High Definition Make-up Range
Supercover Ultimate HD Make-up Foundation offers unique blend of undertones such as Ivory, Beige, Pink, Tan, Coral, Orange, Yellow, Gold, Olive and Red means better colour compatibility for many cultural skin tones. With 42 colours for the very fairest of skin to the darkest for any ethnic group also means that a single colour will match the skin perfectly without having to mix two or three colours.

What is High Definition (HD) Make-up?
HD Simply means that the images captured on a HD camera are sharper, clearer and up to 5 times the clarity of skin. Therefore exposing fine lines, large pores, pigmentation and other imperfections on the skin. In response to this new HD technology Supercover HD make-up has been fine tuned to meet these requirements. Our new formula uses fine milled micronised pigments in Foundations, Powders, Creams, etc allowing the make-up to create a perfect image/projection for brides, photography, film TV stage and all other media works.

You can no longer use any old fashioned thick or pan cake style make-up
You will soon run in to difficulties with any thick make-up as the HD camera exposes all types of skin discolourations by 5 times and thus creates very obvious masked like make-up effects through any HD lens. So if you are considering a new make-up line as a mua or a salon setting or as general public from your existing make-up think Supercover Profession HD make-up. As Supercover HD make-up is non greasy, looks very natural on the skin and it does not look like a mask. Furthermore the excellent coverage performance of the make-up will withstand hot lighting in studios for a smooth natural texture to the skin tones.

What separates Supercover from other make-up ranges
In addition unlike some foundations Supercover does not contain pore clogging ingredients the range is animal friendly making it ideal for acne suffered and delicate sensitive skin. The especially designed formulation will go on the skin as sheer as any liquid make-up for a natural look, yet it provides excellent coverage to any minor or major skin discolouration. It can be used on men, women and children.

Why 42 colours of HD Foundation
The answer was very simple; usually a single colour of supercover foundation will match the skin perfectly without the complicated process of mixing two or three colours. This became the driving force in creating 42 colours which offer the diversity to suit the different needs of global skin tones.

Feature Benefits of Supercover HD Foundation
  • 42 shades for Fair, Asian, Arabic, Hispanic, Oriental and Black skin.
  • Mineral and cream formulation (not powder like other mineral make-up).
  • Looks natural for everyday wear whilst protecting the skin.
  • Allows the skin to breathe and function normally (no pore clogging).
  • Suitable for acne prone and sensitive skin.
  • Covers minor or major discolouration, even tattoos and birth marks.
  • Recognised by BASC/NASMAH and the vitiligo society.
  • Goes on as sheer as any liquid make-up and lasts 10-14 hours.
  • Great for Bridal make-up and todays high resolution photography.
  • Excellent value spreads further and lasts longer than most other make-up.
  • Waterproof and perspiration proof.
  • Compatible with all high definition cameras and video production.
Camera ready for all HD Brides
A well chosen HD make-up line and also a HD qualified make-up artist can help the skin to look healthy, smooth and flawless. However it is one area which is most difficult to match with needs of different skin tones not only is the colour chosen of great importance but also ingredients used and covering properties.

So thanks to Supercover HD make-up you have a great choice of colours with full coverage and the make-up artist trained at the Supercover make-up academy are very familiar with not only the Supercover products but with HD make-up skills and application methods. With Supercover you don't have to worry if you are getting married as it is excellent in front of any HD camera.

Supercover HD Foundation Eyespybeauty review
Here is what Tasnim Mua had to say about Supercover Make-up: Awesome shade, range, sheer/ medium/ heavy cover as desired, value for money (Supercover is £14.70 per 10g compared to some other foundations which are £31.11 per 10g). High quality foundation. If you can get your hands on samples available online or find a local stockist, you really should try this! Personally, I have shade 17 full size for my own use, and a 24 colour Universal palette for my kit. I can turn up to any make-up job knowing I have a shade to match every skin tone without the need to blend 2-3 shades.