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Correct Application health & safety.

Are you applying your Supercover Ultimate HD Foundation Correctly?
1. Prepare the skin by cleansing, toning & moisturising if you have dry skin. Try our Ultimate HD Face Primer
which is a perfect base primer
for even make-up base application. The face primer is non greasy and helps to
fill in lines, wrinkles and large pores. Great for oily skin and helps Foundation last for many many hours longer.

2. For hygiene reasons we would recommend the use of the Supercover Stainless Steel Spatula & Palette.
using the Supercover stainless steel spatula & palette not only for good hygiene practice but also to prevent
bacteria build up in containers.

3. Take the Supercover Hydrator Spray and spray out 1-2 times on your clean make-up sponge or clean foundation
brush and glide your sponge/brush across the foundation and apply to your face and blend in to your skin. To cover any
skin discolouration try patting or stippling the makeup sponge to the centre of the discoloured area with softer taps
around the edges for a nice feathered and well blended finish. Always apply makeup in the direction of any fine
facial hair growth, this will help to diminish the effects of fine facial hair. For best results, blend, blend and blend well.

4. To allow the make-up to last up to 14 hours depending on weather and humidity, set the foundation only with
Supercover Ultra-lucent Fine HD Setting Powder using a Supercover professional size powder puff .
Do not use brush to apply powder to set the Foundation. At this point the makeup is water resistant.

5. The canvas is now set after you have removed any excess powder with a Supercover Dome Brush you are now
ready to apply other make-up such as eye shadows, lipstick, blusher, etc.

How to conceal major skin discolouration: To cover major skin discolourations such as redness or ruddy skin use
no.16 red neutraliser (found under correctors tab). To cover pigmentation or under eye shadows use no. 25 blue neutraliser
(found under correctors tab). Apply one or both of these concealers/ correctors with a Supercover Flibert no.10 Brush
(found under Brushes tab) then pat or stipple the foundation over the top of the concealers/correctors and blend, then set
the make- up with powder. All concealers / correctors are also normal foundations for everyday use except for lavender veil,
for further information on how to use the lavender veil and other colour correctives see the correctors tab & Corrector wheel.

Please note: Many of our cream based products such as Supercover HD Foundations, Corrector, Fashion and Lipstick
Wheels have the tendency to sweat or perspire leaving some soft round patches and or indentation hole marks on the
surface. Please note this is perfectly normal and will not effect the durability or the performance of the make-up.
Please store all cosmetics in a cool dark place away from direct heat and sunlight, close lids tightly after each use.

Fine lines ( laughter lines ) and wrinkles under the eyes: This is a very lengthy subject and needs to be practiced and
perhaps even a 3 hour makeup class with a professional makeup artists. So you applied your makeup say 8 in the morning
and by 3 pm the makeup has settled in the lines and the appearance does not look good? This condition happens in hotter
weather conditions, on oily skin, and natural body heat where as the Foundation is melting as time goes by during the day?
Age also is a contributor?

Here are some tips: To lessen some of the the fine lines: when you have completed the Foundation application on your
face, before powdering to set the Foundation, Use Supercover Filbert Sable brush no.18, slightly dampen the brush with
the Supercover hydrator spray and transfer a bit of your Foundation to the brush and smooth out those lines and set with
Supercover powder only using a powder puff. What happens when you apply the Foundation using a makeup sponge to
the skin the sponge glides across the skin but does not get into the recesses where the lines and wrinkles become more
prominent. Professional makeup artists normally use the Supercover High Lighter no.36 to those lines and wrinkles then
mix with the Foundation This technique hides the lines which shows a slight highlighted affect to those areas, which is
great for photographic , film & TV work as well as for bridal makeup..

Key is to apply a very very thin layer of Foundation to lines and wrinkles - remember to stop at a point where the makeup
looks as natural as possible say with 75% coverage which will make your face look 100% better than before - rather than
100% coverage and the make up looks unnatural, caky and artificial? Please don't look for perfection - makeup products
do not diminish lines and wrinkles these techniques are illusions only the lines and wrinkles will always be there when
you remove your makeup with a cleanser.
it's very easy to blame makeup products, when the correct techniques are not used?

For People With Oily Skin / hot weather conditions. The performance and long lasting ability of the makeup Foundation will
depend on many factors. Naturally the cooler the climate on good smooth skin the products lasts longer, on the other hand
in hotter climatic conditions and people with oily skin the makeup does not last as long, therefore, here are some sound
advise how to make your Foundation last longer under these conditions.

1) Apply the Supercover makeup foundation as explained above numbers 1-4. In addition tone your skin with a toner
which also helps to remove excess oil from the skin.

2) Do not use a moisturiser on oily skin this will weaken the performance of the makeup. Use a face primer.

3) Upon completion of the makeup, set the Foundation only with Supercover fine Ultra-lucent powder as this is designed to
set the makeup, always use powder puff to set the powder to the Foundation on the face ( never a powder brush ).

4) Rather than removing the excess powder from the face, now use Supercover Dome brush and work the excess powder
further back into the skin with soft round brush strokes. This is for the addition of the powder and this will make your
Foundation last longer. Your natural oils will come thru the makeup in these hotter climatic conditions.

5) The powder puff packaging comes in a resealable clear plastic cover, When you have used the powder puff with the
powder, put some extra powder on the powder puff and wrap with tissue then seal it back in the clear plastic and keep it
with you for touch up.

6) Touch up, keep some tissue or paper towel with you and gently blot perspiration/oils from the skin first before re-setting
and retouching the powder to the face with powder puff.

We hope that these sound information will help you.

Health & Safety
Makeup / Cosmetic Products do not last for ever?
Always use makeup within the time scale, shelf life and expiry date. Particularly with mascara irrespective of how
much you have paid, throw out all your cosmetics, that smells funny, has changed in texture, has bacteria growth etc.
If cosmetics are not stored & used correctly, then irrespective of expiry dates or used by dates this can have an
adverse affects on the texture and the performance of the product, if in doubt simply bin it.

Important information

Safety Information: Order a sample first.

Please patch test behind the ear OR to most sensitive part of skin/face for 24 hours before using product.


Improves, skin tone, texture and overall smoothness to ones skin / skin tone.


Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Octyldodecanol, Cetyl Palmitate, Petrolatum, Candelilla Cera, Kaolin, C18-38 Alkyl
Hyroxystearoyl Stearate, Copernicia Cerifera Cera, Tocopherol, Parfum [+/- Cl 77891, Cl 77491, Cl77492, Cl77499,
Cl 77007, Cl 19140, Cl 12085]

Legal Disclaimer

that colours of Supercover cosmetics can vary in hue, light, dark etc from one dye batch to another across the whole
range due to manufacturing tolerances. By way of explanation a product which you may have purchased before may
not be exactly the same on your next order if the dye batch numbers are different, this is a natural phenomenon in
manufacturing process and not a fault of any cosmetic product. In all cases where possible please order a sample and
try the colour in natural day light before you make a purchase. Colours displayed on the web site, leaflets, brochures etc
are representative only and must never be relied upon as true colours. You cannot replicate cosmetics which are liquid,
cream or powder in it's true form on a computer screen etc. Cosmetics should be tested on the skin and allow for any
body heat and other changes then checked in a mirror in natural day light only. The new HD Foundation range is available
in 20 colours, the formulation, ingredients and colours are different to our original Foundation, therefore please order and
test a sample colour first before making your purchase. The new HD Foundations are the same Foundation colour numbers
only as a guide line. NET WEIGHT: net weight of all Supercover cosmetic products declared in grams and ounces etc are
in accordance to manufacturing + and - tolerances. We regret we cannot accept returns for exchange or refunds on any
product that has been contaminated with finger marks or used in any way or form due to hygiene reasons. We would also
recommend using the Supercover stainless steel spatula/palette to prevent bacteria growth in your Foundation and other
cream or liquid cosmetics. practice hygiene, to protect your skin and health. Use only clean makeup sponges, brushes, makeup
applicators to protect your skin from infection. Continuous use of dirty applicators, fingers in and out of makeup pots will
contaminate the products with germs & bacteria, this can cause adverse affects to your skin. Please store all your cosmetics
in a cool place away from children, direct heat and sunlight. To prevent oxidisation to cosmetics close lid tightly immediately
after use and away from extreme light source. Product is Silk finish however becomes a Matte finish once Supercover Powder
is applied.