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Art comes naturally to some people. Perhaps one of the most fascinating histories is that of Zaf Ansari.

Turning to makeup was not easy when you were a total alien to the beauty industry, but the desire to learn and achieve the ultimate and be successful was not impossible. Zaf's formula for success was very simple "Motive". You need Motive to do things and be motivated by others. Giving up a managerial position and a well paid job and entering the field of make-up, a subject which was miles apart from his normal profession, was a huge step to take.

It all started in 1995 when his wife Najma opened her first Beauty salon in South London and persuaded Zaf to join the Beauty business. Little did Zaf realise at the time that he would go on for the next decade to become one of the industries leading educators and lecturers in the field of make-up artistry. Make-up was a natural bond, a partnership that resulted in two years of field and market research to create the ultimate makeup range "Supercover".

November 1997 was a very important year, the year that the Supercover Professional make-up line was launched nationally and internationally. The challenge was enormous to say the least, with 1001 different make-up styles and giant cosmetic company's out there - would the unique concept of Supercover be received favourably and above all would anybody desire the make-up line.

The news was getting around and the first media application came when Zaf was hired to use the Supercover professional make-up line on the finalists of Miss Asia International 1997 which took place at the Hilton London in December 1997. The 20 beautiful contestants were made up from top to bottom using Supercover make-up and for the first time people were relating to this unique makeup line.

The turning point came when the makeup artists of the BBC casualty programme heard about Supercover and went on to use the make-up for the next 3 years on the entire cast. Furthermore when we heard that the Supercover was used on a Bollywood Blockbuster movie called Ek Tha Tiger on Salman Khan and Karina Kaif (Top celebrities), also on Phil Davis and the cast of Whitechapel, truly we had landed and touched the ground.

Over the years Zaf was becoming a well known, familiar face at Beauty exhibitions and Colleges conducting seminars and lecture programmes up and down the country, educating professional and non professional groups. His name would be included under the speaker listings at many beauty shows and to judge many make-up competitions.

Zaf went on to work and showed his talent on the Channel East TV programme "EVERY WOMAN" and many other production work including "INSIDE OUT" for Cagoule Productions involving a cast of over 20 people. As his name became synonymous within the entertainment industry so was the brand awareness (Supercover).

With Zaf's devotion to the art of make-up and his unparalleled knowledge in cultural make-up, the Beauty industry was soon learning for the first time about colours and undertones that had not previously been heard of. Colleges were seeking him out to visit their College and share his in-depth knowledge with students and lecturers.

It didn't take long for the general public to find the Supercover brand at their local Beauty salons. The salons for the first time would offer a professional makeup line to the general public - a kind of product that was used in the entertainment industry.

It didn't stop there, the ground breaking formulation of the Supercover makeup Foundation that gave such a phenomenal coverage and the flexible use of the products to conceal minor or major skin discolourations such as burns, bruises, tattoos, birth marks, and vitiligo etc, meant that the British Association of Skin Camouflage ( BASC ) wanted to know more. They were so impressed with the performance and the coverage that they approved Supercover make-up so that it could help people with major skin discolourations and be available nationally and internationally for everyone to use and have access to such good make-up, that would look so natural, just like a second skin.

Today the South London based Beauty Republica Limited encompasses a make-up training institute of make-up artistry offering 1, 2 and 3 day professional advanced level HD makeup courses which are now set up in Bromley, Kent. The courses are for beginners and experts. Endorsed and approved by many Beauty Associations including The British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology. ABT & AIT.

Perhaps the most unique contribution for Zaf to the commercial industry is his ability to understand the different needs of people of colour. Understanding cultural makeup and creating over 40 shades of Supercover makeup foundations for fair Asian and Black skin tones, with nine undertones for much better colour compatibility for many different skin tones without having to mix colours, was, and still is a major breakthrough in the world of Beauty.

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Past & Present: Stage performances including Miss world, Miss Asia International, Brit Awards, Wallpaper magazine, Daily Express, ZEE TV, Channel east, BBC, EEZEE TV, Channel 4, Vitality, Occasions, Harpers & Queen, E Mag, Womans Realm, Weekend the Guardian, Pride, Warpaint Magazine, The cover, Guild News and used on many professional sets by makeup artists.

Colleges: Guildford College, Harrow College, Warwickshire College, Solihull College, Newham College, Peterborough College, West Thames College, Middlesbrough College, Kensington & Chelsea College, North Devon College, Central College of Commerce, Coleg Glan Hafren, Community College, Totton College, North West kent College, East Berkshire College, Lambeth College, Huddersfield College, The Galligan College of beauty, Chesterfield College, Epping Forest College, Braintree College, Redbridge College, ISIS College, Glasgow College, to name but a few.

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