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Really fast delivery! I used this on a client as soon as I received it in the post... My client loved it so much and the pictures came out flawless! I did the whole cream contour look with this corrector wheel and it was so easy to use and apply and spread out... This has made me eager to purchase the foundation now :) and I absolutely loved the samples I received with this product a lipstick and primer both looked amazing!!!! Thankyou Supercover can't wait for my next order. :))
Leena Khan Rotherham, South Yorkshire United Kingdom

This foundation is wonderful, highly recommended. I have tried many foundations from Nars, Bobbi Brown, YSL, Dior but my one of my friends complexions always used amazing even at 6:00 after work! I bought this and never looked back. I have good skin but wanted a smooth and natural base and the cover is amazing as I have darker spots near my chin. I use this with a damp sponge and pat it on the areas where it is required. When I first bought this I used it damp, it looked good but after going back on the web site it suggests a damp sponge. I don't add any powder on top just pink blush Lasts for such a long time and very easy to travel with as its not a glass bottle with I have always been used to!! Well done!!!
Humerah, London, United Kingdom

Hi i hve just recived my kit ... Omg i m lovin it cannot even wait till i use it ....so many things i dont think i will be needing much till i run out of this stuff very good kit to use as a makeup artist thx
Saira Bibi Bradford, West yorkshire United Kingdom

I absolutely love the foundations! I have been using the same foundation from supercover for many years as it is perfect for me. I intend to continue using the foundation for many more years!
Colleen Henry Forest Hill , London United Kingdom

Discovered this foundation 2 years ago at a beauty show.. it converted me from MAC - I literally can't use anything else now. Beautiful coverage and long lasting!
Hollie,Southampton, Hampshire United Kingdom

I cannot rave about this foundation enough! I have been searching my whole life for the perfect foundation and no matter how expensive it was, it was always too pink, too brown, too yellow, too orange, melting off my face, cracking off my face etc etc! This is PERFECT and I have been using it for years - gives amazing coverage and lasts ages. Don't forget to use the hydrating spray which sets it/ activates it perfectly! I would fly across the world to get my mitts on this foundation!
Cheryn, Croydon, Surrey United Kingdom

This supercover foundation is soo easy to apply i orderd a sample and used at a party everyone was questaining my flawless skin! Just purchased the foundation again! (:
Bradford, West Yorkshire United Kingdom

The super cover make up kit is amazing, it is extremely good value for money as there are so many products in this kit. The coverage of the make up is fantastic and gives a flawless finish on all skin types. The eye shadows mix really well to create more colours and the extras in the kit such as eye lash curlers, pallet and brush are all of a very high quality. Overall i would deffinatley recommend this kit.
Candice Fuller Daventry, Northants United Kingdom

This foundation is excellent, it is so natural and does not look like your wearing any foundation at all, also as i have oily skin it seems to still let my skin breath so don't suffer pimples or skin irritations...... i have sensitive skin but find this is the only foundation my skin agrees with, especially as i wear it on a daily basis, have been using it for years now, highly reconmended !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tina Amin, London, United Kingdom

Correctors also means concealers no.16 is great to hide any major Red discolarations and no.25 for dark shadows under the eyes and any pigmentation marks including acne scarrings etc. You've got to try this product, it is one of the best on the market.
Sam, United Kingdom

As a make-up artist I try many products and this gel liner is the best I have ever tried. Liquid liners take ages to dry and if client opens eyes too soon it ruins the whole look. This gel WON'T do that, client can open eyes immediately after application. It glides on beautifully and lasts a long time. Highly recommended.
Jane Knight Ellesmere Port, Cheshire United Kingdom

Good value for money, professional finish
West Yorkshire

I have been using supercover for over 10 years i think....and I love it! It is the best match i have ever found in all the foundations i have ever used and matches my skintone so closely.
Bristol, Avon United Kingdom

I started using the red neutraliser from the corrector wheel on my cheeks in the winter, and it completely conceals any imperfection. i realised the colour was so good i bought no.16 to use on my whole face! its really moisturising, and gives my skin amazing coverage, i hardly use any concealer because the foundation does so much on its own. amazing flawless finish, i love using this for day and night, it keeps my dry skin glowing and looking well moisturised, and its amazing under bright and hot lighting. this ones a keeper!!!! :):)
Aliya West London

a great buy, and very versatile
United Kingdom

These lip and Eye liners are fantastic value some of the colours goes on softly but some needs to be warmed up first before use to make them even softer. If you hold the tip of the liners between your fingers for about 30 seconds this usually warmes it up for a nice soft application.
United Kingdom

Excellent primer, shadow lasts all day and it fills out creases really well. a must have!
West Yorkshire United Kingdom

I was trained in college to use the full range of super cover and ive never looked back i love the foundation as it lasts for so long and i love the white powder even though this is quiet expensive believe me its worth every penny...
Katherine Kelly Hammersmith, London United Kingdom

I have looked into lots of make-up artist kits and this is not just the best value but also one of the best ranges on the market. I am so pleased, as well as saving over 900 pounds, I now have a really large collection of products to offer so much variety when offering make-up services to my customers. Thanks Supercover
Donna DeSuza, London

I Love the Supercover foundations,They are easy to apply (nice and creamy) and the corrector wheel does exactly what it says, When I first came across Supercover I purchased the corrector wheel as a make up artist I tend to stick with the products I know, but quite liked the look of supercover, I found that the wheel was so versatile on lots of different skintones, and used it on every magazine shoot that I did. When I ran out I was devastated and searched everywhere to find it again, to my joy I found the store was too far from my home, I now have ALL of the supercover foundations and use them all the time, I would recommend that you apply using a make up sponge to get a light even coverage as you dont need to use much of it at all and it blends so well.
Sherrie Warwick Bromley, Kent United Kingdom

Absolutely fab as a concealer, lasts all day and doesn't look heavy when worn. all my friends now use it after trying my sample.
Victoria Wallace.Preston, Lancashire United Kingdom.

My eyelashes used to be weak and brittle. When I began using blinc lash primer I noticed an almost immediate difference. I could finally see my lashes even without mascara! Now I always apply primer before using blinc Mascara and my lashes look so much thicker! I love that I can apply it even on days I don't wear mascara. I feel like it's constantly working to improve my lashes.
Rebecca Orton